Frequently Asked Quetions(FAQ)

What is Ask Super 24

Ask Super 24 is a series of service centres spread across the country which delivers services to nearby citizen. These include services like PRAN Card, PAN Card, ATM facility.

What is the earning for the ASK Coordinator?

There is earning from each and every service which is made available to citizen. The appointment manger will be discussing everything in detail with ROI sheet before appointment.

What is the geography in which an ASK Coordinator works?

This is typically a Panchayat where the services can be catered to an approximate population of 10000-12000

How can I sign up for ASK?

You can apply online from our website post which, our appointment manager will be contacting you to take the matter forward.

How does the support system work?

There is a support system deployed from the district level to state level which ensures all issues are resolved at the earliest.